The Evolution of Man’s Original Diet


One thing remains sure, fad diets and diet experts aren’t going anywhere. The argument about what constitutes good health is constantly changing. Some research studies at first implicate a certain diet is good, then the same claim is later retracted and found to be harmful. With so many differing opinions about what a healthy diet is, –the question remains:

Who can we trust?

To get our answer we must go back to the beginning, and look at the man’s original diet and circumstances.

“See I have given you every herb-bearing seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.” –Genesis 1:29

God intended man to achieve the highest level of development mentally, spiritually, and physically. To do this, He first gave man the supreme diet that would help him achieve this: “every herb-bearing seed… and every tree whose fruit yields seed”.

God created Adam with all his faculties and organs in perfect health, symmetry, and harmony. As there was not any death or decay in the earth until the sin of Adam, animal flesh was not part of the original diet. Man lived on the plant life God provided him with, and the animals also fed on vegetation. From the beginning, the plant kingdom is shown to be superior to the animal kingdom in terms of sustaining nutrition as the latter is dependant on the former.

In the record of the descendants of Adam, you find that the life span of man was about 10 times the life span of man today. (See Gen. 5 )This was in part because Adam ate from the tree of life, “whose leaves are for the healing of the nations”. Rev. 22:2

Just as fruits and vegetables are found to impart health, provide optimal nutrition, and fight disease with their unique compounds, we can imagine that the tree of life is far superior in its health-sustaining benefits, –capable of wholly eliminating disease, decay, and even death! Gen. 3:22

After the flood, God gave man permission to introduce flesh meat into his diet, to shorten the life span. Year after year observing death and sorrow, –the results of sin, took its toll on man. In mercy, God permitted that man to partake of the “clean animals” thus shortening his life span by several hundred years. (Gen. 7:2, 9:3, 11:10-28, Lev. 11)

Since this time, death and disease have greatly increased in proportion to man’s sin against himself, his fellow man, the earth, and animals. The life span is now found to be altogether too short, and often riddled with disease. Under these circumstances, we find that a return to the original diet is intended for us as we prepare to enter into the Kingdom of heaven. (Isaiah 11:6-9)

The quality of life we shall have, the ability to accomplish our goals, and our spiritual awareness depend on our treatment of the body God has given us. Our challenge is to help the others restore their bodies to the greatest health possible by observing biblical health principles, thus reversing disease.


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